Granta Folding Boats – Bellyboard, Built by Cavender & Clark

Total scorcher of a board. This one is lovely and spent its early years in a hotel in Polzeath (with its owner).


It’s an absolutely amazing board. The colour is great, condition incredible and it’s a lovely lightweight (but not too light) belly. It’s the standard four-foot length and 12 inches wide at the top going down to 11.5 inches at the bottom. Made in 8mm ply.


The rocker is just about right and it has the straight top (not curved). I personally prefer this look.  Colour is just crazy good with the red transfer logo.


As you can see the board was made by another boat maker a bit like my earlier mentioned Prout Board in fact the similarity is peculiar. Both companies originally made folding boats and canoes, one in Essex and one in Cambridge. My guess is they must have been competing with each other.

Having read up a bit about Granta (and Folbot) I have the below interesting info.

Pre-war and in the 30s, A.S. Cavender started importing folding wooden boat parts to make and sell in the UK under the name Folbot with his partner, who produced these originally in Germany and was called Mr J Kissner. Their partnership dissolved and Kissner went off to the States. Mr Cavender formed a new partnership with (you guessed it) Mr Clark and they started to produce Granta folding boats (believed to be named after The Granta River in Cambridge) under the name of Cavender & Clark. I’ll have to check how far these guys were from the original Grays factory. That puts two different bellyboard makers in Cambridge in this period, showing how many companies were actually producing the boards and how popular they really were.

My guess is that the board was made in the 50s or early 60s. There is no record of these boards in any Granta catalogue that I have seen.

See an old boat ad below. If anyone has any further info OR has seen any more of these boards, please let me know. Total corker!




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