Grays of Cambridge – Lillywhites Bellyboard

What a corker! So this, in many ways, could be the collector’s dream. It certainly got me excited when I found it. Made by Grays of Cambridge (makers of mainly rackets and bats – and many a brilliant bellyboard) and sold by Lillywhites of Piccadilly, London. Proving that Lillywhites obviously sold boards by many makers (I have a few more coming soon to the site with Lillywhites branding). But, unfortunately neither the store nor museum seem to know when it was made.


This doesn’t have the painted Lillywhites branding like my other boards, just a stamp from the store (see below). The colour on this one is a minty green, with a touch of blue. I think it’s from the 60s and will try to confirm with Grays whether they know what date range they were using the below transfer. I remember seeing this on my parents’ old rackets as a kid in the early 70s.


It’s a really lovely board, made just as well as all the other Grays boards. Real quality. And the paint has weathered beautifully. If you look closely at the full length picture it has an eggshell white bottom half an inch. This is a thicker paint that seems to have been put in for protective purposes, it has really worn well and I know it is an original feature.

The board is 47.5 inches long, 11.5 inches wide at the top, down to 11 inches at the bottom and 8mm thick (ply of course), a slightly different size to many others and a good weight. It has a good rocker, not too harsh and is an all round winner!!

I will be posting more Grays boards on the site, they are certainly some of my favourites


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