Holiday Haunts, GWR – Official guide 1939

This is one thick book. And it includes one of my favourite images of a surf rider that I have seen to date. It’s a really beautiful image and she is obviously enjoying her day. Not surprised – the waves look ace and everyone’s in!

It’s a lovely piece of art that I presume would have been used as a GWR poster too.


The guide’s cover is a winner of an image as well. And you could honestly sit and read this thing all day. It’s amazing and cost just sixpence when first produced. It covers the whole country, describing what to expect in each town, city and resort and the photos are off the charts. As are the fashion, cars and buildings in the ads, drawings and photos.


In much of the Cornish part of the book they mention enjoying catching the long Atlantic rollers which are perfect for surf-bathing. They only mention surf-riding next to the below image, taken in Newquay. It’s a great shot. Look at the woman second from left really giving it some to catch a wave. She is almost taking off! And the guy to the right seems to find her technique quite humorous !

The books is a real trip back in time.



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