Newquay on The Cornish Coast Guide – 1948

Oh yes. A top guide on Newquay and the surrounding area, from 1948. An amazing cover, that is really pushing surfing and it’s an early guide too, to have surfing so heavily featured.


The art on the cover is ace, even though the composition may be a bit odd (looks like the attack of the 50ft woman landing on Newquay beach).

Inside is mainly pictures of people enjoying the coast. Plenty of buckets and spades and even a drop of punch and Judy.

There are also some lovely surfing images. The one below named ‘surf-maidens’ with a few lovely boards in sight. See the far right-hand side board, numbered as 21. I presume a rental. The pictures of surfing are mainly at Fistral and are really great.


Dating these books can be tough and dating this one wasn’t simple. BUT I noticed that in the intro by H.M. Cresswell Payne he/she references a magazine piece written in 1898, saying that it was half a century earlier! I have a few copies of this particular book and after scanning one of them I also found a few notes on hotels that the ‘previous owner’ had made suggesting that various hotels were free on the date of 17/2/1949 . So I’m putting this book at 1948. Makes sense to me!


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