Perranporth, Cornwall – Guide book 1966

Here we have a lovely guide with a cracking cover – featuring a broad with a board!! It’s a lovely book in beautiful condition, due mainly to the fact (I suspect) that it’s a ‘voucher copy.’ This normally means that it was sent to an ad agency to prove that a paid for ad had been inserted inside. I only know this as I work in the business and used to get tonnage of them back when I first started in despatch (they weighed a tonne bagged up).


These guides are quite often hard to date, but this one has the tide tables clearly marked as 1966. SUPER interestingly it also has an advert for W. A . Heath & Son Ltd that was selling boards at the time. This is, as many of you other readers/nerds will know, the famed hardware store that in the early 70s (I believe) became Piran Surf and is steeped in surf/belly legend (more on that later).


The guide includes some terrific imagery and (above) mentions renting boards or bringing one’s own ‘gaily-decorated’ boards. A lovely guide that takes you back to simpler times and reminds you of all the things you had forgotten (and miss!).

I have lots of these old guides with surf-related stuff and will put all the best ones on the site.


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