A Practical Guide to Surfing – Charles Pearce & Son Ltd ( Dick Pearce)

Here’s a little beauty!


A brilliant little guide, that was distributed and sold (or given away?) by Charles Pearce and Son Ltd. I presume it was written by Dick Pearce, but not really sure. Who knows when it was first made?

It notes at the start of the book that surfing is becoming increasingly popular in this country, so could have been written early, but also notes kids’ boards and a longer style board . However the style of surfing referred to in the guide is most definitely prone or bellyboarding (whatever you choose to call it). There is no mention of standing up. So we have to presume that this book was originally made prior to long or Malibu boards getting super popular in the 60s.


The book covers everything from how to surf, what tides you want to look for and when it’s best to surf (weather wise ). It has 12 pages, including covers.

I got this, and a bunch more, from Dick’s old factory and have to presume that he was possibly still selling, or giving them away in the noughties, when he was still producing boards. Or were they simply left from another period?

A totally lovely little thing that was printed by S.W. Lyddon, Tower Printing Works, South Molton.




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