The Art of Surf-Riding – On the Cornish Coast – Ronald S. Funnell

This really is a scorcher of a read. One of a bunch of books/guides made Ronald S. Funnel. It is so good, it reads a bit like a Famous Five book on how to surf. And I mean that in the best way possible. It’s brill!

I have a few copies of the book that are all the 1953 Coronation Editions. This book (as the author mentions) was originally printed in 1934, but I don’t know anyone as yet who has seen a copy. It’s one of those things I hope to find some day. It is known as one of the UK’s first surf books and it is a bit of must for all collectors.


The artwork on the cover is amazing and inside it has loads of images from a ‘Daily Mirror’, for which I’m on the hunt. It also has a bunch of adverts for Solarbo Boards (see earlier Solarbo post on this site).


In the book Ronald talks about the brilliant surfing on the North Devon/Cornish coast and mentions the 28 best beaches to surf on in the area.


He also teaches the reader the dos and don’ts of surf riding, what board to get (mentioning his own Crests that were out of production by 1954 – see my post on Crests) and how to avoid killing yourself!!

It’s so totally neat, if you see one buy it. If you see a 1934 edition buy it – and please call me (please)!!

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