Surf riding badges – From back in the day

So these are pretty cool. They are a tiny bit ‘Carry on’ like. I just love the artwork.

They are 1 inch badges (tin) that were made in the 1960s and 1970s. These ones created by Jemah novelties of Torquay, Devon and The Taw Valley Company of Ilfracombe, Devon.


Brilliantly cheeky / Naive artwork that I’m sure would feature on many a badge hat. Seems that Jemah and co made a ton of these things for tourist  spots, zoos and anywhere of interest, mainly covering the south west. Love em.

Praa sands – Surf Riding – This lady is pretty serious!


Perranporth – Surf Riding – She is having a bit more fun.


Bude – Cornwall – This girl is having the time of her life. I reckon she had a decent lunch.


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